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We dont have 39 diferent strains from Socal-seed-collective in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

American Beauty stock:Available
AToA stock:Available
Black Dawg V2 stock:Available
SoCal Seed Collective stock:Available
California Karma stock:Available
ChemD stock:Available
Da Chedda stock:Available
Dawg-Goo stock:Available
DawgTown Daze stock:Available
DawgTown Kush stock:Available
Dirty Dawg stock:Available
Electric Banana stock:Available
Epik Purple stock:Available
Fire Headband stock:Available
Fire Headband F2 stock:Available
Hair of the Dawg stock:Available
Hard Lemon stock:Available
Humboldt Fogg stock:Available
Old School Kush stock:Available
Platinum Dawg stock:Available
Pure E-32 stock:Available
Purple Suicide stock:Available
Santa Monica XIII stock:Available
SoCal Dawg stock:Available
SoCal Lemon Diesel stock:Available
SoCal Original Diesel stock:Available
SoCal White Lightening stock:Available
Sonoma Black Dawg stock:Available
SoCal Seed Collective stock:Available
SoCal Seed Collective stock:Available
Spicy Thai stock:Available
Super Wreck stock:Available
The Jack stock:Available
Triple Platinum stock:Available
VGH OG stock:Available
West L.A. Fadeaway stock:Available